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Sprout promotes evidence based design, drawing on research and technical expertise to address challenges stemming from climate change and rapid urban development.

Sprout remains unbound by a singular design paradigm or style. Our work is the result of design research and technical experience distilled to address project objectives, strategic frameworks and tackle the broader issue of climate change through good design. We follow four tenets of TECHNOLOGY (processes and systems), CULTURE (community), ECOLOGY ('nature') and DELIGHT (user experience). These tenets emerge as design process drivers or manifest as outcomes demonstrated by the E.P.I and ON THE TOOLS initiatives described below.

We developed the Environmental Performance Indicator (E.P.I) to model positive environmental outcomes that can be achieved with design propositions we develop. The tool shows what level of urban cooling, stormwater absorption and carbon sequestration can be achieved. The E.P.I is an innovative and essential resource proving critical to reliable, evidence based design, which is drastically needed to address the critical development challenges of urban heat island and water security.

'ON THE TOOLS' is a program we developed to address the issue of buildability. We define exemplary design by the outcomes successfully delivered and how creatively they address project objectives. A key factor is how effective detailed design and documentation was at facilitating construction. We enable streamlined construction by building detailed design capabilities through practical experience. Our team literally get ‘hands on’ to work with trades people, learning technical skills and really understanding how landscape projects are built.

The ongoing development of technical expertise and resources assures our project partners gain from high quality, innovative and effectively implemented project outcomes.


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