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Laurel Bank

The Laurel Bank redevelopment consists of 27 apartments and a Heritage listed community facility. The overriding vision was derived from Sprout’s study of the iconic North Shore geomorphology.

Working closely with the project architect CHROFI, Sprout developed the idea of ‘the building as topography’. By reinterpreting the local geomorphology, through the curation of the built form, we could establish conditions favoured by local plant communities and use the verdant layer as a driver of building experience.

As such planting was woven through the fabric of the building, accomodating terraces, balconies, facades, atriums and roofs and in turn, offering a unique set of events and variety of 'soft' views within the building and from the local area.

landscape typologies sketch_Sprout_Landscape Architecture.png
 image: CHROFI

image: CHROFI