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Matron Ruby Grant Park in construction

Matron Ruby Grant Park in construction

ON THE TOOLS addresses buildability in design

Ongoing technical training & research assures our project partners gain from design, principles & strategies that can be implemented within established development constraints.

We define exemplary design by successfully delivered outcomes and how creatively they address project objectives.

A key factor is how effective the design team were at facilitating construction. Our team literally get ‘hands on’ to work with trades people, learning technical skills and really understanding how landscape projects are built. We incorporate these lessons into our work.

On the Tools is successful at assuring streamlined construction through good design bolstered by diligently executed, clearly articulated detailed documentation.


A smarter approach to landscape planning and design is drastically needed to address critical development challenges of urban heat island, biodiversity and resilience.

E.P.I models environmental outcomes such as urban cooling, stormwater absorption, carbon sequestration, pollutant removal and measures canopy cover achieved through landscape planning and design developed by our team.

The E.P.I is an innovative and essential resource proving critical to reliable evidence based design. Simple easy to read graphics enable design development and evaluation with consideration to environmental benchmarks.

Select EPI metrics

Select EPI metrics