Day Street Furniture

Penrith City Council looked to JOC Consulting and Sprout to enhance an aging retail strip in the suburb of Colyton. The project forms part of the Neighbourhood Renewal Program which seeks to enhance the livability of local neighbourhoods within the LGA.

Working closely with Council’s Cultural Planning team and local stakeholders, we established a suite of ‘plug in’ interventions that improve amenity and delight for the retail strip.

The design response was born from insights offered by shop owners around the daily operation, customer and public domain user profiles and key challenges. The proposal included interventionist low cost, high impact measures including street furniture, tree planting, artworks. Multi purpose furniture designed by Sprout caters to a variety of long and short stay uses and designed to be manufactured locally to support local industry. 

The proposal was adopted by Council.

seat bar round.png
lean bar round.png
lean bar.png