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Moss Vale Cemetery

Wingecarribee Shire Council looked to Sprout to enhance the commercial viability of the Moss Vale Cemetery located within the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Our strategic response was to address the lack of amenity and poor user experience by facilitating access and circulation through the site and establish a series of spaces for reflection and contemplation appealing to the broader community. We established an efficient pedestrian and vehicular network, on site stormwater management system, introduced a chapel, toilets, picnic shelters and reflective water basins.

The masterplan hinges around a prominent axis of gold coloured deciduous trees. The axis of golden autumn foliage references the local area and provides the armature to support functional aspects of the plan. We set the axis to correspond with the alignment of the sun as it travels across the sky. Two symbolic water bodies, placed at beginning and end of the axis, represent birth and death. The water and reflects the sky above, in acknowledgement of the final destination according to religious beliefs. The water bodies provide settings for intimate places, set within a clearings of indigenous trees, for contemplation and mourning.

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