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Environmental Performance Indicator

A smarter approach to landscape master planning and design is drastically needed to address the critical development challenges associated with rapid urbanisation and climate change.

Sprout Studio has developed a Leading Practice environmental assessment tool to enable the establishment of environmental targets across green open space planning and design.

Eco system service outputs, delivered through the urban tree canopy, can now be measured. This allows Sprout Studio to demonstrate the overall environmental outcomes provided through existing and proposed green spaces.

The tool factors in urban cooling, stormwater absorption, pollution removal and carbon sequestration.

The Environmental Performance Indicator or E.P.I, is an innovation in Landscape Architectural practice that proves to be highly valuable in establishing environmental development targets. Establishing targets offers agencies a benchmarking framework to ensure higher performing green space and stronger environmental sustainability outcomes in property development and land management.

Simple easy to read graphics articulate a range of environmental performance outputs, enabling design development, design evaluation and assessment in relation to critical environmental factors such as urban heat.

The E.P.I was designed and built by Sprout Studio with assistance from software engineers in Australia and the United States.

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The Metrics

The Metrics

How EPI Works

How EPI Works

The E.P.I tool can be applied at varying scales and at various development phases including pre or post-development and/ or during the design phase.

Environmental data is extracted from Sprout Studio’s digital platform which organises data into metrics and converts it for presentation as clearly articulated graphic outputs.

The Outputs

The Outputs

The environmental performance data is organised into metrics and displayed via bar graphs. The graphs enable an objective, easy to read comparison of environmental performance across green open space options. Each bar on the graph represents a unique design proposition as well as the existing site pre-development.