Sydney Street Shops

Following the success of the Day Street Shops project Penrith City Council engaged Sprout to lead design for the public domain upgrade of the Sydney Street Shops.

The project forms part of the Neighbourhood Renewal Program which seeks to enhance the livability of local neighbourhoods within the LGA. 

Sprout established a suite of simple yet engaging design interventions to improve the amenity of the shops and in part establish a destination with a unique identity appealing to local residents and passing traffic.

Central to the project was an inclusive consultation process led by JOC Consulting. Sprout led the design response which heavily relied upon multifunctional, adaptable furniture elements coupled with tree planting to provide a cooler, engaging and highly functional public domain.

With supporting local industry in mind, furniture and art elements were designed to be manufactured locally and installed by community members.  The proposal was well liked by the community and adopted by Council.

20170509_1708_DA_Concept Option 01 Isometric.jpg
20170509_1708_DA_Concept Option 02 Isometric.jpg
20170509_1708_DA_Concept Option 03 Isometric.jpg